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Why Make a Will?

Appoint the right person to settle your affairs

Choose someone responsible as the executor of your will

Choose who to receive your property

Specify how much to give, and to who

Make the process easier for the people you love

When there is a will, distributing your assets takes less time and money

How it Works

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    Answer simple questions

    Type in your personal information, and answer our questions to choose how you want to distribute your property.

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    Instantly download a will

    Make the payment online and download a generated will document.

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    Make your will legally-binding

    Print out the will and sign it in the presence of witnesses.


Do I need a lawyer to make my will?

As long as your will fulfils the legal requirements, there is no need for your will to be drafted, approved or witnessed by a lawyer. You can write your own will. Our will-writing system covers the more common will-drafting needs. More details on our Getting Started page.

What if I have a previous will?

Most wills, including the ones we generate, state that all prior wills are no longer valid. Hence, once the new will is signed and witnessed, your previous will becomes invalid.

Is the entire will-making process online?

Our system will generate your will based on your answers to a set of questions. It can be downloaded and printed upon payment. In order for it to be valid, you have to get it signed in front of witnesses. More instructions are provided upon download.

How much does it cost?

We charge a flat fee of $89 for the download of the will document. It includes unlimited edits and downloads for a period of one month.

Does the will apply to all my assets?

Your CPF funds cannot be distributed by the will and the nomination must be made separately. The will also does not apply to property that is held in joint tenancy.

What do I do after I make the will?

Store your will in a safe and easily accessible place. In addition, make sure that your family member or your executor knows where you have stored your will.

What happens after I pass away?

Whoever you have appointed as your executor applies to court for a Grant of Probate using your will. With the Grant of Probate, the executor can communicate with banks and other relevant entities to distribute your assets according to the wishes in your will. This is why it is best that the executor knows where you have stored your will.

Now is the time

Specify your wishes and make things easier for those you care about. It takes no more than 20 minutes to complete.

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